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5782 Prophetic Picture Update

Original post - Beyond the Dalet - March 01, 2022 What a year so far!?! One of the words the Lord gave me pertaining to 5782 is connected to 1 Peter 5:10 And after you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to His eternal glory in… Continue reading 5782 Prophetic Picture Update

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Staying Encouraged

Helpful Reminders It helps sometimes to revisit things the Lord has said to us. I find comfort and encouragement when I return to the words the Lord has given me. As life progresses it sometimes happens that the words fall fade in my mind. While my spirit has fully received God’s words to me in… Continue reading Staying Encouraged

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Steady as She Goes

Keep the pace, stay the course and steady as she goes, are phrases I am hearing in the Spirit. Another is slow and steady finishes the race.

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Moved to Cart

Something has moved from "saved for later" to your cart. That means it's time for fulfillment. This is a major shift, with angelic accompaniment that will ensure successful completion!


Podcast In A Little While…

Podcast: Whether by land or by sea the Lord is making a way, to bring you from where you are to where you need to be. He is doing it Himself!

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5782 A Prophetic Picture – The Book

Here is the link for the PDF of my book: 5782 A Prophetic Picture, A timely revelatory word for the evedi Yehovah, the servants of the Lord.

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Holy Moly What Just happened?

Unless otherwise indicated all images in this post are used in compliance with my paid subscription to Something incredible happened this past week that I just had to share with you guys. I still don't have language for it so, I'll do my best to explain. On Monday, August 9, 2021 I was moved… Continue reading Holy Moly What Just happened?


A New Thing – Are you not seeing it?

In this podcast I share a word the Lord has been giving me about a new thing beginning. At the same time wee might not necessarily identify what that new thing is.

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Psalm 118 – The Answer is Coming

I have been pondering on Psalm 118 because of a dream recently. In the dream, someone close to my heart was in dire straits. Their situation was overwhelming. They were in despair and reaching out for help. This morning the Lord spoke to me that many are dealing with overwhelmingly urgent circumstances that are causing… Continue reading Psalm 118 – The Answer is Coming

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Why have things slowed down?

You might be feeling like everything has come to a screeching halt, or at least slowed down a lot. There's a reason for that. It's because there is a crazy hairpin turn up ahead and we need to slow down so we can safely navigate the turn.

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Don’t worry just keep going

I got a word from the Lord this morning for those who took a step of faith in the past few days in an effort to step into what the Lord has been showing them. But something happened that has now caused them to have to pay a price for having taken that step so soon. The Lord is saying don't worry. It's okay. Have a listen for the word in its entirety.

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The Decade of the Ekklesia

Tim Sheets shares Holy Spirit insight on God's preparation of the Ekklesia in this decade Tim Sheets pastor of Oasis church in Middletown, Ohio. Author of Planting the Heavens,  New Era Glory, and Angel Armies. (Available on Amazon and Audible) I have been listening to Tim Sheets since Rosh Hashanah 5780. He is an anointed… Continue reading The Decade of the Ekklesia

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Changing of the Guard!

During the night the Holy Spirit woke me with a powerfully pointed word. I glanced at the clock as I picked up my tablet to record the word. It was 2:20 A.M. It then occurred to me that the date was 02/22/2020. 22, 222, 2222 and 220 are numbers which the Lord uses to highlighting… Continue reading Changing of the Guard!

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Moving Thru Transition and into Fullness

A Word from the Lord The Lord of hosts says: "I am moving you through transition and into fullness. Even now I am shifting you through the door of transition. I am moving you and taking you beyond the door of transition and into fullness. I am opening the way before you. You will soon… Continue reading Moving Thru Transition and into Fullness

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Christ is Remodeling His Church

A Word from the Lord "Some of the saints thought that the reconstruction of My Ekklesia would begin with the setting up of a new structure. Many have thought that this step would begin immediately. Anxious for the new to begin, many have misunderstood My timing." says the Lord. "Because they have misinterpreted the timing… Continue reading Christ is Remodeling His Church

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A Prophetic Word for 2020 through Doug Addison

Things are going to happen suddenly, so get ready for positive changes that will bring exciting surprises. It will be like log jams suddenly being broken open, and backlogs of blessings will start to flow. This will include finances and spiritual advancement. You will start getting deeper revelation, wisdom and understanding.

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Visions in the Whirlpool

aka Hot Tub Revelations One of the ways I hit the pause button on life is to take myself to the hot tub. I carve out a few sacred blocks of time each week to refuel my spirit, soul and body. On Saturdays that means a trip to the local park district for thirty minute… Continue reading Visions in the Whirlpool

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A Decade of Peh Part 2

In part two of 5780-5789 A Decade of Peh, I break down the prophetic picture I received for each year of the peh decade. Click here to open and download the PDF. Peh is the 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and represents the number 80. The Hebraic Decade associated with the Hebrew letter peh… Continue reading A Decade of Peh Part 2

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A Decade of Peh

The Spirit of the Lord is is expanding and increasing revelation. There is so much to share that it will li

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A New Wave of Apostles About to Emerge

Where Did This Wave Come From? The apostolic wave that is about to come crashing on the scene has been building for the last twenty plus years. One man's voice comes to mind when I think about apostles, Bill Hamon. While I was not what you could call a Bill Hamon follower, my mother was.… Continue reading A New Wave of Apostles About to Emerge

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Liminal – A Prophetic Word

There is a spiritual shift happening right now. We are in it. It is occurring over this weekend. Right now we stand in between where we have been and where we are going. Something very significant is on the other side of the threshold upon which we standing. There are those who are poised. There… Continue reading Liminal – A Prophetic Word

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First the Bear Then the Bull (download)

A Prophetic Word to the Bondservants of the Lord By Betty Hall - Presented by Thru the Dalet Click here or on the image above to view and download the book Excerpt from the book: Introduction God’s End Times Army God has a unique plan and destiny for every individual. Destiny fulfilled is God’s desire for… Continue reading First the Bear Then the Bull (download)

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A forward look into the Hebrew year 5780

Prophetic Word for 5780 The ayin has been a dominant theme through the Hebrew decade 5770-5779. Like the operating system of a computer working in the background we are not always aware that it is running. There has been a specific work, like the specific application program, in which the Spirit of God has been… Continue reading A forward look into the Hebrew year 5780