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Podcast Removing Masks and Moving On

God is in the process of removing the covering off some deep seated issues. It's time for that thing to come up and out.


Podcast – Restructuring

The New Thing is Coming Podcast: Restructuring October 15, 2021 - Cheshvan 9, 5782 God is calling His house into order. It's time to come before Him for new direction, new vision and be willing to redirect and restructure. In this podcast I share a word the Lord gave me this morning about restructuring. This… Continue reading Podcast – Restructuring


Podcast In A Little While…

Podcast: Whether by land or by sea the Lord is making a way, to bring you from where you are to where you need to be. He is doing it Himself!


Podcast – Topsy Turvy

In this podcast I share a word from the Lord. God said, "Things are topsy turvy right now and people need to be encouraged."

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5782 A Prophetic Picture – The Book

Here is the link for the PDF of my book: 5782 A Prophetic Picture, A timely revelatory word for the evedi Yehovah, the servants of the Lord.


A New Thing – Are you not seeing it?

In this podcast I share a word the Lord has been giving me about a new thing beginning. At the same time wee might not necessarily identify what that new thing is.

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Psalm 118 – The Answer is Coming

I have been pondering on Psalm 118 because of a dream recently. In the dream, someone close to my heart was in dire straits. Their situation was overwhelming. They were in despair and reaching out for help. This morning the Lord spoke to me that many are dealing with overwhelmingly urgent circumstances that are causing… Continue reading Psalm 118 – The Answer is Coming

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Heavenly Encounters Series: Episode 16 Finale – The Message

We live in a day when hearing about spiritual experiences is much more prevalent that it was just ten years ago. More and more people every day are experiencing some kind of spiritual encounter with God. It's as if heaven is more accessible than ever before.

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Thru the Dalet Podcast

I just concluded my first Podcast Series, Heavenly Encounters.

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Don’t worry just keep going

I got a word from the Lord this morning for those who took a step of faith in the past few days in an effort to step into what the Lord has been showing them. But something happened that has now caused them to have to pay a price for having taken that step so soon. The Lord is saying don't worry. It's okay. Have a listen for the word in its entirety.