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Moving Thru Transition and into Fullness

A Word from the Lord The Lord of hosts says: "I am moving you through transition and into fullness. Even now I am shifting you through the door of transition. I am moving you and taking you beyond the door of transition and into fullness. I am opening the way before you. You will soon… Continue reading Moving Thru Transition and into Fullness

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Liminal – A Prophetic Word

There is a spiritual shift happening right now. We are in it. It is occurring over this weekend. Right now we stand in between where we have been and where we are going. Something very significant is on the other side of the threshold upon which we standing. There are those who are poised. There… Continue reading Liminal – A Prophetic Word

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Dalet – Hebrew Letter

When we look at the light or revelation contained within the Hebrew letters we get a picture of the attributes and power of God.