Hi, I’m Betty. The call of God on my life is to speak into the lives of the bond-servants (eved) of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Ekklesia.

My heart is to encourage the development of our spiritual identity as the Beloved of God. As we connect and establish relationship with one another in Christ we are being built together into a dwelling place of God in the Spirit. (Eph. 2.22) As such, the Ekklesia is and is becoming the Tabernacle of God in the earth.

I study, and meditate on the Scriptures. My teachings center around our relationship with Christ, the Tabernacle, the Hebraic Calendar and our eternal mandate. Being a teacher with a mother’s heart, my greatest joy is to facilitate spiritual growth in others through hands on spiritual experience gained through consistent fellowship (koinonia) as we engage in the word of God together.

I have a passionate sons of Issachar heart (desire to know the times and seasons) birthed out of intimate love and communion with Messiah Jesus (Yeshua). I long to see Christ’s Eternal Kingdom manifest in the hearts and lives of Christ’s Ekklesia (the church/living tabernacle of God) in the earth. It is with focused passion that I share revelatory insight received through intimate communion in the secret place.

The Ministry of Thru the Dalet

My personal longing for God’s presence and an insatiable hunger for His Word has made me a Scripture junkie. I love the varieties of translations available today. Ever since my first encounter with God, over fifty years ago, my absolute favorite thing is spending time with God, through worship, prayer, meditation and study of the Word. Thru the Dalet is a revelatory outreach where I share insights gained thru revelatory experiences, visions, dreams. My prayer is that thru these messages you are encouraged, blessed and challenged to pursue God through developing your own personal relationship with Jesus Christ/Yeshua Messiah.