It’s Happening Right Before Our Eyes…

And we need to discern some things. – Tim Sheets – Oasis Church, Middletown, OH


Absolutely a must hear message. I believe that Tim Sheets has keen insight and understanding into the hour in which we live. Every time I listen to one of his messages it confirms what the Lord has been revealing to me. Tim Sheets pulls together the word of the Lord, current events and the prophetic relevance. Check out their YouTube channel.

I have been following the messages given by Tim Sheets since just before Rosh Hashanah 5780 (September 2019). I have read his books New Era Glory and Angel Armies. I have found him to be biblically accurate and acutely sensitive to the spiritual reality of the eternal realm. He helps to align spiritual realities and earthly events. Not merely sharing his perspective of what God is doing in the earth, Tim Sheets brings the word of the Lord that propels God’s people through the currently open door of destiny hurling the Ekklesia of Christ into their God ordained mission in the earth. Not just an anointed message, an empowering word of the Lord. Bless you as you watch.

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